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Holy Land Conference DVD

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This 2 disc set of DVDs of the TLIG conference and pilgrimage in the Holy Land in March 2000 has a total duration of 4 hrs 12mins and includes all of the talks given by Vassula during the conference, along with extensive coverage of the conference itself and the accompanying pilgrimage.

Vassula wrote the following about this event:

We did not plan to be in the Holy Land at the same time as the Holy Father, but our program coincided with that of the Holy Father's; in fact, we had programmed it before we ever heard of the Holy Father's decision. Once God told me that the word 'luck' does not exist in His vocabulary, so I believe that our Father in Heaven wanted all of us to be there at the same time. On this occasion, our TLIG in the Holy Land managed to get special passes for some of our priests to be able to concelebrate Mass with the Holy Father on the Beatitude mountain on the 24th March. This gave them great joy and we praised the Lord for giving us one more gift.

This time, in the Holy Land, we had more than 400 people come from more than 50 countries. With us we had more than 60 clergy from abroad, and a few more had come to join us from the Holy Land..... We had by the grace of God, eleven Church denominations with their priests and pastors as well, including Roman Catholic, Greek, Russian, Bulgarian and Armenian Orthodox Churches, Syriac Church, Coptic Church, Lutheran Church, Anglican Church and Baptist Churches.

The Holy Land video can be seen HERE

The videos of Vassula's talks can be seen HERE

Details of the conference can be found HERE

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