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True Life in God

Vassula, an Interview & a Journey

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This DVD consists of an interview that Vassula gave to religious journalist, Greg Watts, in 2005. The interview is accompanied by film of Vassula’s journeys through Bangladesh, Switzerland, Brazil, Japan, Zambia, the Holy Land and Egypt. The DVD is an effective introduction to Vassula and her mission for those who have little knowledge or interest in religion.

The interview duration is 45 minutes and the accompanying film of Vassula's travels is approximately 15 minutes.

View an abridged version of this video HERE

GREG WATTS is an experienced author and journalist, who lives in London. He has reported on religious affairs for 16 years, both in the UK and overseas. Greg’s articles have appeared in a wide range of publications, including The Times, The Evening Standard, The National Catholic Register, The Catholic Times, The Universe and Catholic papers and websites in the USA, Canada, Australia and Africa. In April 2005, Greg reported from Rome on the death of John Paul II and the election of Benedict XVI for Sky News and other television companies.

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